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16mm/35mm Microfilm

What is the difference between Microfilm and Microfiche? It’s as simple as fiche are flat sheets and films are rolls. They do the exact same thing of storing data, and have the same problems of inconvenient accessibility mixed with vulnerability to external factors.

film-scanning.co.uk has the solution - swift and efficient digitisation, guaranteeing your files are preserved with no danger of erosion.

Microfilm comes in two sizes, 16mm and 35mm and is stored on either plastic or metal spools. However it is still possible to get pre-spool microfilm, which had been designed to be stored in a metal case similar to that of a 1930’s blockbuster.

16mm film is often used to store A4 and A3 documents, storing up to 2,400 letter sized images on each reel.

35mm film is used to store documents up to A0 in size, with either 800 broadsheet pages or 600 large drawings.

‘Rollfilm’ is the manufacturer’s name for the scanners film-scanning.co.uk use to scan the 16mm and 35mm microfilms. Once the operator has set up the microfilm that is being scanned, the machine will automatically capture each frame. It will then be loaded onto a digital device ready for the client to take away. Our scanners capture a complete roll of film in minutes, creating digitised greyscale images at full speed.

We can take these unconventional storage methods and convert them to digital files that are easily accessible, and compatible with your current Document Management System.

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