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  Combi Microfiche

film-scanning.co.uk are market leaders in the handling of combi microfiche used mainly for mixed types of documents. Namely planning applications of A4 in 16mm, and associated large format plans in 35mm.

As fiche contains a mixture of 16mm and 35mm images, extra care needs to be taken to ensure accurate scanning is achieved. Our experts and software handles this challenge with ease, with the resulting files being of the highest quality. As we know that retaining the detail is of paramount importance.

Our scanning and conversion bureau can output these files in whatever format you need:
TIFF, JPG or searchable PDF files
An editable file using OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Formats including, Excel, Word, CSV, ASII text files, Access, HTML
Any other format that will fit into your Document Management System

Once we have completed the work we can return your fiche to you or dispose of them securely. Our parent company Allan Webb Ltd has over 50 years experience in document handling and we work from government approved, highly secure premises where we can call on the expertise of the whole group to ensure your work is handled confidentially and sensitively.

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