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Negative and 35mm Conversion

Whichever way you supply your negatives or 35mm transparencies, we can take them and bring them back to life.

We revive:

Negatives of any film size, from full frame to 110mm
Medium format film negatives
Negatives in standard 6 frame lengths or rolls
35mm transparencies
Both colour and black and white

Every film is scanned corner to corner so that no edges are missing, which enables us to reproduce the image accurately. Guaranteeing that your work is brought back to life.

At film-scanning.co.uk we are used to dealing with all types of films, allowing us to tailor the final output making sure it’s as close to the originals as possible.

We work with you to provide file names that are accurate, easily archived and available in any format you require. JPEG, GIFF, TIF, PDF or the format your Document Management System runs on.

Whether you are a business or someone securing your family’s history, we treat your archive with the care and consideration it deserves. Our facilities have been approved to handle the most sensitive data, whilst our systems have been developed over the last 50 years to ensure that we give you the most satisfactory results.

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