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Aperture Cards

Aperture cards are small cards in which 35mm negative film, capable of taking a single image, is embedded. Typically used in the engineering industry to store drawings of machinery. Some cards have a number of holes punched through them, known as Hollerith data, so that our machines can automatically read and identify the indexing information.

The cost of the readers has accelerated and replacing an old reader will cost thousands of pounds, yet 3000 of these cards can be stored on just one CD.

The flexibility of the punched holes in conjunction with the single image means file names can be meaningfully assigned to each drawing making identification quick and easy. Another great advantage is that storage in your data management system means multiple users can view them simultaneously, a plus if the tool shop is making a bespoke part and sales need to see the drawing at the same time.

Often aperture cards are used to hold sensitive data, so whoever you choose to digitise your files needs to guarantee confidentiality throughout. Our secure premises and high security clearance for our staff means that your sensitive data is safe in our hands.

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