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16mm Microfiche Conversion

A 16mm microfiche normally consists of 98 frames of data, each frame consisting of an A4 (297mm x 210mm) size page, but sometimes a frame may consist of two A5 (210mm x 148mm) pages instead. Occasionally, two A4 frames may be replaced by a single A3 (420mm x 297mm) page. Other quantities of frames per microfiche are also used.

Film fades through exposure to UV light, and becomes scratched through continuous usage. Both of these factors will cause the images to be permanently marked by lines running over the top of them, leading to the loss of valuable data.

Although storage on fiche may be somewhat obsolete, the information stored may be vital for your company. What if the worst should happen, and the fiche containing this vital information was to become damaged or lost, and it had never been scanned to provide an electronic backup?

Microfiche are used by publishers and libraries to store scans of documents and newspapers, which makes searching time consuming and trying to find a certain piece of information can prove challenging.

Our team can extract all the data in its original format, which makes the extracts ideal for storage as searchable PDF documents. So instead of searching laboriously through countless pages of information, that vital nugget of information can be found in seconds.

We treat each client individually, so that the right file storage system for your company’s needs is guaranteed, making the management of your archive as easy as possible and accessible to multiple users.

As with all our scanning services, we will work with you to understand how you intend to use the final outputted files, and advise you on the best way of achieving your objectives.

Click on this link to read information on how film-scanning.co.uk helped Aegon UK turn 900,000 images contained on microfiche to a digital format in less than two months. More on Microfiche Scanning

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