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Microfilm Cartridge

Microfilm cartridges are better at protecting microfilms from damage than simply keeping them on rolls. Either 16mm or 35mm films can be found within the casing.

16mm film tends to be used to store A3 and A4 documents and you can get up to 2400 letter sized images on each reel.

35mm is used to store documents up to A0 size with up to 800 broadsheet pages or 600 large drawings.

We can work with:
CCMI cartridge Caps cassette
CCMG cartridge MCC/VSMF Cassette
CCMM cartridge Bell and Howell Kidney Cassette
Tuscan cartridge Snaplock

We can extract all the images and move them to CD, DVD or USB memory so they can then either stand alone or become part of your Document Management System.

Can you afford to rely on Microfilm Cartridges into the future? The machines to produce them and to read them are becoming increasingly obsolete. Furthermore, microfilm cartridges are an inefficient way of storing anything you may need to get hold of readily. They may be more convenient than original documentation but they are only marginally more secure and are wholly inflexible.

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