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COM Fiche

COM stands for Computer Output to Fiche, while fiche is French for index card. The COM system is one of the most popular and readily available methods of fiche storage.

They come in two formats, either 24x fiche or 48x fiche. This means that the pages are shrunk to 1/24th or 1/48th of their original size. Usually there are 270 frames on each COM fiche, but that number may vary considerably.

Traditionally this has been a safe method of archiving for a number of different industries, ranging from aviation all the way through to healthcare.

However can you rely on COM Fiche in the future? The machines needed to produce and read the fiche are steadily becoming obsolete, and the storage system itself is already proving to be inefficient. Despite being marginally more secure than the original documentation, COM Fiche can be time consuming when trying to find that vital piece of information.

The solution is digital conversion, and we can convert your fiche to whatever format you need.

To summarise:

We can handle anything from a single fiche through to a 30 year archive
We have the highest level security clearance, guaranteeing the confidentiality of your records at all times
Whilst your data is in our care, we work on a highly secure site where access is strictly controlled for your protection
We have a secure stand alone room where our most trusted staff work on the most sensitive data.

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